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Did you know that most crochet stitches cannot be replicated by a machine? That is just one of the many differences between crocheting and knitting.  Of course there are similarities such as you are pulling loops of yarn through other loops and that knitting and crocheting alike brings to mind little old ladies and sweaters made by Grandma.  But both have enjoyed a revival of sorts with knitting evermore popular.  As for the differences instead of two knitting needles, you have a crochet hook that can come in various sizes and there is only one active loop at a time instead of the many on a knitting needle.  In crochet you can pretty much make the same items that you can with knitting it is just different and slightly more bulkier.  Crochet can produce many different shapes with less “tools” such as knitting in a round requires several double-pointed needles.  Just check out my completed projects page to see some of the examples of crochet such as these zombies:

Crochet can be fun as you can see! It is not all doilies and lace and little old ladies either. Other benefits over knitting is… 1) you cannot be impaled on a crochet hook like you could on a knitting needle.  It is true just google it “Knitting Needle Impalement”, IT HAPPENS! 2) Dropping stitches are next to impossible crocheting and you know it if you have ever knitted:) 3) Remember that fact at the beginning of this post? Crochet stitches cannot be replicated by a machine which means giving a crochet gift is going to be one of a kind. Kind of makes that blanket or sweater that your Grandma made for you just a little more special even with the uneven sleeves.

As far as project #1 is going…I am 2/3 done with the body of it which is better than the last few weeks of impossibly slow progress.  Some how this is helping me keep on task thinking that some where out there someone might read this one day:)  I will probably have the project finished by Tuesday.   Then I will have to think up what else I need to accomplish.


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Project #1: Baby Blanket

Okay, so my first unfinished project that I am going to take on is a baby blanket.  I started to crochet this blanket almost a month ago and was supposed to gift it at the baby shower.  Well, nonetheless, I didn’t finish it in time for the baby shower.  But I thought well I have a few weeks to finish it before the baby was born and This weekend I was going to work feveriously on it to get it finished by the due date.

Long story short, baby came early! So now I really need to finish it.  Here is a picture of my progress as of Friday.  It is not even half way done.

And this is after a few weeks work.  It should not take that long, but as you shall come to see I am a major procrastinator.

So some info on this project.  It is crochet using a popcorn stitch.  Here is a close-up of the stitch.

I absolutely love this stitch. For those who like to crochet this is the way you make this stitch:

Popcorn St (multiple of 3 sts)
Foundation Row:
Work 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, *sk 2 ch, (sc, 2 dc) in next ch; rep from * across, ending with sk 2 ch, 1 sc in last ch.
Row 1: Ch 2, turn. Work 2 dc in first sc, *sk 2 dc, (sc, 2 dc) in next sc; rep from * across, ending with 1 sc in top of turning ch.
Rep Row 1 for Popcorn st.

And if you don’t know how to crochet and would love to know how, you should visit Lion Brand Yarn’s website at  They have a learning center for crochet and knitting plus tons of patterns to help you learn what all those abbreviations mean up there.

After I finish the body of the blanket with my beautiful lilac yarn, I will put a white border around it using the same stitch.  I am crossing my fingers that I will finish it in the next couple of days.  But in the meantime I did create a gift for the little girl in the form of an onesie which can be found on my finished projects page.

Now I have to get back to hooking:)

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In the beginning…

Fabric, paint, beads, and yarn…Oh My! I am surrounded by them and I can’t stop purchasing more and more.  I am the incurable craftist, Crafty Kat, and I have a problem.  I can’t stop buying craft supplies and they are taking over my house.  And the worst part is most of them are unfinished projects that are being neglected and long forgotten in the holes and cubbies that I shove them in.  A storage closet full, three large plastic totes and my poor bedside table have taken up most of the burden.  I fact I barely know what time it might be because my clock is being held hostage by some yarn. 

But I vow that this shall be the end. Will I be cured? From this point forward I am taking a craft buying hiatus.  Craft stores every where in Craftopoplis will be shedding a tear.  And so know is the time to complete unfinished projects and use all the supplies that I have stashed away.  What will I come up with? Only time will tell.  Which leads to an important part.  What is a goal without a timeline?  Six months I am giving myself to use all these supplies and get everything cleared away.  Can I refrain from purchasing supplies? Or better yet, Can I be cured?

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