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For Valentine’s Day I thought that I would do a quick craft especially since it is the night before Valentine’s Day and that is all the time I have.  I have been looking through a great book called Plush You! that I checked out at my local library.  The book has some instructions on how to make so of the “loveable misfit toys” but most of the photos are for inspiring your own plush creations.

Taking a cue from the book I decided to make my own plush creation, A Love Bug.  I have a ton of felt lying around in my craft closet so it was the best material to create these bugs from.  First, I started by making hearts on the felt before cutting them out.  To make sure the were all the same I used a cookie cutter to outline the hearts.

 Cookie Cutter Hearts

After creating 2 hearts for each Love Bug, I cut them all out.  Next, I cut 6 matchstick sized pieces of black felt for each Love Bug.  The pieces of black felt were going to be their legs.  I glued down the legs on to the hearts so when I went to sew them the would stay in place.

After getting them all ready I used red thread to hand sew the two hearts together.  I used a whip stitch along the edge of the hearts leaving an opening at the top to allow for stuffing the body.

The whip stitch looked good exposed and it created a little more decoration.  Next, I stuffed the little Love Bug as much as I could so it was a plump little bug.  This time I used polyfill but there are many other things that you can use to stuff a plush, such as rice, polyfill, scrap materials and fabric (perfect thing to do with all those scraps lying around), dried beans, and even plastic bags. 

After stuffing the Love Bug, it needed a head.  Looking through my overwhelming supply of craft stuff I found the ever useful pom-poms.  I attached the pom-pom to the bugs body with some craft glue.  Of course, you can use hot glue which is much easier to do but my hot glue gun caught on fire the last time I used it and I never replaced it.  Anyways, after attaching the head I gave it some googly eyes and antenna which I fashioned from 2 of my pins after I cut off the ends of them.  And so the finally product…


A cute little Love Bug which I promptly gave to my Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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