Stealing time to craft

February 2, 2011 at 10:09 pm Leave a comment

Ahhh! I have not as I previously predicted finished project #1: Baby Blanket.  Why? Plain and simple it is life getting in the way.  How dare it:) But I am still work, working away on it and am so close to putting on the border and sending it off to its new home.  Now the tenative completion date will be some time this weekend. 

So how do you make time to craft or work on a project when life gets in the way?  Simply you have to steal the time away.  I like to see how fast I can get ready in the morning so that I have a few minutes to work on anything I want.  Five minutes here, ten minutes there adds up to some really crafting time.  So here is some of the ways I steal time away.  1) In the morning when I am ahead of schedule 2) Break time at work 3) Lunch time 4) While dinner is cooking 5) Right before bed.  If I get at least 5 mins each time I have been able to craft for 25 mins.  Pretty good when I haven’t had any really quaility time.  But of course this only works with crafts that are easy to bring out and put away in a timely fashion.  Yarn projects, knitting and crochet, is easiest, but any time I have to pull out a sewing machine…not so much.

I may not be the fastest crafter, but I know how to steal some time away for it when I can.  But now I have to get off this computer and finish that project!


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