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January 27, 2011 at 10:24 am Leave a comment

Fabric, paint, beads, and yarn…Oh My! I am surrounded by them and I can’t stop purchasing more and more.  I am the incurable craftist, Crafty Kat, and I have a problem.  I can’t stop buying craft supplies and they are taking over my house.  And the worst part is most of them are unfinished projects that are being neglected and long forgotten in the holes and cubbies that I shove them in.  A storage closet full, three large plastic totes and my poor bedside table have taken up most of the burden.  I fact I barely know what time it might be because my clock is being held hostage by some yarn. 

But I vow that this shall be the end. Will I be cured? From this point forward I am taking a craft buying hiatus.  Craft stores every where in Craftopoplis will be shedding a tear.  And so know is the time to complete unfinished projects and use all the supplies that I have stashed away.  What will I come up with? Only time will tell.  Which leads to an important part.  What is a goal without a timeline?  Six months I am giving myself to use all these supplies and get everything cleared away.  Can I refrain from purchasing supplies? Or better yet, Can I be cured?


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Project #1: Baby Blanket

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